Results day in Chorlton, Manchester

Results day in Chorlton, Manchester

July and August are both extremely busy months for many young people around.

In just two months we celebrate GCSE, A-Level and Degree Graduations results days in Chorlton, Manchester and the whole UK!

As a result, these months are a nerve-racking time for many young people. I am sure you all remember the day that you picked your results up like it was yesterday for many reasons.

Some of us shared disappointment, whilst others were overjoyed – even surprised at their GCSE, A-Level or Degree results.

The end of one chapter and the start of the next!

Whatever the outcome on the day, it is important to remember that the journey sn’t over yet and actuially a new chapter has begun, so celebrating a day that usually only come around once in a lifetime shouldn’t be missed!

No matter whether it is a GCSE, A-Level or Degree result, each are a fantastic achievement and a significant moment, so let’s celebrate the end of that chapter.

Juan Sánchez Bar de Tapas is open right the way through the results period, so once you have your results in your hand, come and celebrate with us.

Tables are limited so make sure that you book early to avoid disappointment, call our team on 0161 862 0267 to book now.


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