Gastronomic tour of Spain

Specials in Cholton

Specials in Chorlton at Juan Sánchez

Travel with us to a different region of Spain every month and try some of the most traditional dishes of each region.

Every week our chef will prepare for you a different dish inspired by the region we are visiting that month, so you can try something new every time you dine with us!

This month we are visiting Las Islas Baleares!

Which is located near the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula.

Our Balears specials by week:

Week 1: Berenjena rellena

Aubergine stuffed with vegetables, Balears style

Week 2: Atún a la ibizenca

Fresh tuna. A tradicional Ibiza dish cooked with pinenuts, raisins and spices

Week 3: Tostadas con sobrasada

Toasted bread topped with the famous spreadable chorizo (sobrasada) from Mallorca

Week 4: Chuleta de cerdo con salsa de zanahoria,cebolla y naranja

Pork chop served with an amazing carrot, onion & orange sauce

Please note that these dishes may change at last minute due to ingredient availability.

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