Entrantes y Snacks


Marinated green manzanilla olives

Pan con mojo

Bread with Canarian red & green salsa

Pan Tumaca

Toasted bread rubbed with garlic & topped with tomato

Pan con tomate y jamón

As before but topped with Serano Ham

Tostadas Rafa

Toasted bread topped with goats cheese & homemade caramelized peppers

Tostadas con sobrasada

Toasted bread topped with sobrasada-spreadable chorizo from Mallorca

Trio de tostadas

Pan tumaca, tostada Rafa & tostada con sobrasada

Queso Manchego

Plate of Manchego cheese slices

Jamón serrano

Serrano ham

Serrano & Manchego

Serrano ham & Manchego Cheese