Tapas de Carne

Paella de carne

Sm £6.70/Lg £19.50
Paella rice cooked with chicken, chorizo, mixed peppers & peas.

Paella mixta

Sm £7.70/Lg £22.50
Paella rice cooked with chicken, prawns, peppers, squid, mussels & peas 

Croquetas de jamón y pollo

Homemade ham & chicken croquettes 

Albóndigas con tomate

Homemade beef meatballs cooked in a rich tomato sauce

Costillas de cerdo

Oven baked pork ribs cooked with rosemary & thyme and drizzled with honey

Brocheta de pollo

Grilled chicken & vegetable skewer. Served with our homemade mango salsa

Brocheta de ternera

Grilled beef & vegetable skewer. Served with onion & red wine salsa

Chorizo al vino

Spanish chorizo cooked in onion & red wine

Quesadilla de pollo

Tortilla stuffed with chicken, mozzarella and red & green peppers