Tapas Vegetarianas

Paella de verduras

Sm £5.95/Lg £17.00
Paella rice cooked with fresh seasonal vegetables.

Champiñones al ajillo

Mushrooms sautéed in garlic & white wine

Croquetas de verduras

Homemade vegetables croquettes

Patatas bravas

Deep-fried potatoes topped with our homemade fiery sauce

Brocheta de verdura

Grilled mixed vegetables on a skewer

Tortilla de patata

Homemade Spanish omelette served with our chef’s special roasted red pepper salsa


Green chilli peppers stuffed with soft cheese in a deep fried crispy coating

Berenjenas al horno

Aubergine baked in tomato & topped with Manchego cheese

Legumbres estofadas

Legumes of the week gently stewed with vegetables & our Juan Sánchez secret touch